Deposit Account

Overview of the Deposit Account

A Deposit Account allows our members to carry out their day-to-day transactions. Withdrawals are done on this account as often as is needed.

NB: No Annual Dividends are accredited to this type of Account.

Benefits of the Deposit Account

  • At Guaymay Energy Alliance Credit Union, there is no additional charge to our Deposit Accounts.
  • The unencumbered funds on Deposit Accounts are covered by insurance up to $50,000.00

Requirements to Apply

2 Valid Forms of ID

T&T Identification Card, Driver’s Permit, Passport, Birth Certificate

Proof of Address

Recent Utility Bill or Bank Statement not older than 3 months

Proof of Income

Recent Job-Letter [not older than 3 months) and Recent Pay-Slip not older than 3 months

Application Fee


For self-employed persons:

  • JP’s Letter or Company’s Registration Certificate is required in place
    of Job-Letter and Pay-slip.

For Students, House-wives, Unemployed persons:

  • All of the above except Job Letter & Pay-slip.

For Utility bill that is not in your name: