Trinidad and Tobago Credit Union Deposit Insurance Fund Co-Operative Society Limited [TTCUDIF]

Guaymay Energy Alliance Credit Union is a member of TTCUDIF which provides Insurance on Shares & Deposits held by individuals who are members of our Credit Union.

This means that if, for any reason, the Credit Union should go into Liquidation, all members belonging to GEACU will receive protection of their unencumbered funds of up to $125,000 on Shares and $50,000 on Deposits.

Visit TTCUDIF online HERE.

CUNA Insurance

Guaymay Energy Alliance Credit Union is an agent of CUNA Caribbean Insurance which is the leading Insurance provider for Credit Unions and their members for over eighty [80] years. As a benefit to all our members, the following plans are available at the Credit Union.

Family Indemnity Plan [FIP]

You can apply for CUNA’s Family Indemnity Plan [FIP] which is the best Funeral Insurance Plan that would allow your loved ones to find comfort in their time of grief.

Requirements to Apply

To apply for CUNA’s Family Indemnity Plan [FIP], one must be a member of the Credit Union.

The following pre-requisites are advised for applying to CUNA’s Family Indemnity Plan [FIP]:

  • Be a current member of the Guaymay Energy Alliance Credit Union
  • A completed CUNA’s Family Indemnity Plan [FIP] form (available online or at our offices)
  • One (1) valid form of government issued identification (for example, a national ID card) for each person listed


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