New look for Mayaro Credit Union

Guaymay Energy Alliance Credit Union, GEACU, has launched a new logo with a new concept aimed at improving the quality of service and uniqueness. GEACU, a long-serving credit union in the financial sector, on Saturday 12 th January, 2019, launched a new logo, marking the most significant change in its visual identity in the last 20 years.

Founded in 1975, GEACU, formally AMOCO Employees’ Credit Union, is the most indigenous credit union in the Mayaro district. The unveiling marks an important milestone for the brand, which has been experiencing a renaissance since committing to change. The new logo, which not only pays homage to this heritage while pointing the way toward the next phase of the credit union’s evolution, is also aimed at improving the credit union’s brand and is focused on accelerating the realization of employing innovative, service-changing technologies, while embracing and meeting the needs of its members.

In his speech at the soft launch, President Noel Jones explained that with the assistance of Meraki Image Architecture Limited, GEACU has launched its new logo.

Through its procurement processes, Meraki was selected and started working with GEACU. He reported the experience was educational and eye-opening. “The new GEACU logo design is intended to set GEACU apart from a crowded landscape, while establishing an innovative approach in design that is clean, corporate and global, attributes to be encompassed by the new brand culture. It is designed to represent the various layers that are both, humanistic and people-centered, progressive and optimistic while embodying the forward-thinking intelligence that
is central to GEACU’s brand personality.”

Mr. Jones, added, “This has been a special journey for GEACU as much more was achieved and learnt in the process, much to the benefit and enhancement of the credit union. We believe our brand is more than our name, our logo, our products and services. We understand that our brand represents our way of doing things, our behaviour, communicating; it is a consistent expression of who we are both visually and verbally and we believe this transition is evidence of this.”

Mr. Jones also said Meraki Image Architecture educated GEACU in the process of rebranding, and stressed that it was not just about a new logo, but also about the entire organization. “The first thing we recognized was that this process was not about designing a new logo for GEACU, but rather a rebranding exercise for the organization.” Mr. Jones reiterated that GEACU through this entire process “We have noted that while we are a Financial Institution, we are a Cooperative first, so we set out on this exercise with this in mind.” He said, “The new logo emphasizes
our members first and foremost.”

The brand’s transformative journey began in September, 2018. It introduces the move to a modern yet futuristic approach to the organization’s business operations and services, with an initiative focused on the implementation of online services. The new GEACU brand is positioned to be people-centric, technology-driven while being service-driven. The new logo and visual style build upon our history and the credit union’s philosophy of ‘People Helping People’ that began more than 40 years ago with our first members.

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